How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing the World of Sports

Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing the World of Sports

Artificial intelligence is a broad concept. At its core, it involves designing “intelligent” machines that, like humans, are capable of acquiring and employing knowledge, information and professional skills for the overall purpose of problem solving. In the sports industry, artificial intelligence seeks to evolve technology in hopes to bring automation and increased data analysis to business decisions, sponsorship activations, ticket sales, athlete training and more.

It's time to put in display some of the basic advantages of integrating AI in sports-

  • Sports clubs to enhance their fan base
  • Helping teams to find the right talent
  • Better analyzing player performance, diet, nutrition and physical development of players
  • AI in sports will improve individual and team performance by an average of 17% and 28% respectively
  • Top benefits of AI in sports include performance improvement, injury prevention, and recruitment
  • AI will improve revenue, reduce operational costs, and improve valuations of professional sports teams

The Use of AI in NFL-

According to Wall Street Journal, today, the NFL’s Next Gen Stats (NGS) program uses sophisticated tracking technology collected via RFID devices in the shoulder pads of every player and embedded at each of its stadiums. These devices capture data about which players are on the field at a given moment, their location within inches, and the speed and direction in which they move. This treasure trove of data represents a tremendous resource for the league’s 32 teams, multiple media partners and approximately 180 million fans worldwide. The NFL also has a mobile app called the Sideline Viewing System that it uses to help coaches review plays and make annotations. So that they can adjust play-calling and instruction that players receive during games.

The Use of AI in Soccer-

In May 2018, FIFA announced that each team in the tournament could bring two computer tablets to the games – one for the on-field coaching staff and one for the team analysts in the stands. These tools offer all players and coaches a new opportunity to collect data, assess decisions, and react to interactions on the field. Elite football clubs all over the world are using technologies ranging from GPS to automated camera tracking technology to collect data.

The Use of AI in Cricket-

The International Cricket Council has introduced several high-tech gadgets in order to make the game more exciting. Hawk-Eye or Virtual-Eye which is essentially a ball tracking technique that plots the trajectory of a bowling delivery that has been interrupted by the batsman, often by the pad, and can predict whether it would have hit the stumps. Former India captain Anil Kumble's technology start-up Spektacom Technologies launched the "Power Bat" a unique tool powered by Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform and its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) services. The device can offer real-time data on a player's performance based on different parameters such as speed of the ball on impact, twist on impact and quality of the shot.


Sport creates some of the greatest human achievements and holds such an inspiring emotional connection for fans around the world. It’s fascinating to see the relationship between artificial intelligence in sports industry. The current integration of AI in sports is a lot more than what people could expect.

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