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One of the best areas where big data can be applied to make a change is healthcare. The implementation of big data analytics shows exciting promise for improving health outcomes and controlling costs. It has been noted that all over the globe, hospitals, medical practices, medical schemes and research facilities are paying attention to digitize their data and consulting trusted big data firms for storing their data effectively.

The primary aim of the modern healthcare systems is to offer outstanding health care through the perfect utilization of health information technology in order to:

  • Enhance healthcare quality and coordination
  • Reduce healthcare costs; reduce avoidable overuse
  • Offer support for reformed payment structures

At CBNITS, we have successfully provided assistance to healthcare providers in implementing the benefits of big data in managing their day to day business and making the most of this brilliant technology so that they can perfectly streamline their service.

We strive to offer value-based big data service to the healthcare serviceproviders-

The healthcare industry historically has generated large amounts of data, driven by record keeping, compliance & regulatory requirements, and patient care. The enormity and complexity of these datasets present great challenges in analyses and subsequent applications to a practical clinical environment. Bringing the data into the integrated data warehouse is an overwhelming task. Our big data solutions are targeted to store a vast amount of data systematically so the doctors and other healthcare practitioners can make informed decisions as they have access to a wide range of data. The focus on value-based care corresponds with an increased focus on patient-centric care.

Our data scientists and analytics make meaningful data extraction easier and offer solutions to the clients that will bring real-results in a cost-effective way. Our intention is to help healthcare organizations moving to cloud systems so that they can easily reduce errors, and integrate patient records more efficiently with enhanced efficiency in fetching and storing of data.

Artificial intelligence is without a doubt a very powerful tool for creation of experiences never imagined before. CBNITS has taken the AI technology to a different level by developing Automatic Answer Checker. It is a software application capable of checking and giving marks of written answers similar to a human being. This software application is built to check subjective answers in an online examination and allocate marks to the user after verifying the answer. We do hope this artificial intelligence application will stay serving people in the most beneficial way.

How does it function?
  • The system requires you to store the original answer for the systemmainly the admin.
  • The admin may insert questions and respective subjective answers in thesystem. These answers are stored as notepad files.
  • When a user takes the test he is provided with questions and area to type his answers. Once the user enters his/her answers the system then compares this answer to original answer written in database and allocates marks accordingly.
Languages used-

The development is done in two technical languages as Java for Android

Application for User/Traveler and Asp .net for Web portal which is used by Admin.

Advantages of this application-
  • It removes human errors that commonly occur during manual checking.
  • The system provides an unbiased result.
  • Thus the system excludes human efforts and saves time and resources.

Cloud Computing is the new generation computing technique in which all software and data is kept into the remote secured server despite keeping it on local system. Researchers at CBNITS have outlined a Trusted Cloud Computing Platform that to improve cloud computing system that solves many of the storage and processing anomalies related to cloud networks.

We have fully taken care of three most important issues-
  1. Data Ownership
  2. Data Privacy
  3. Storage

The users might be satisfied since they need not worry about the maintenance and storage of their data. Our Cloud Computing Project in solving storage and processing anomalies related to cloud networks is introduced to help users to keep their data safe and secure.

  • Development Tool used: Jdeveloper
  • Databases used: Oracle
  • Java Programming used: Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • J2EE Application Server used: Tomcat/Apache,
  • Web Application Frameworks used: MVC Framework

Microsoft Dynamic 365 project

The main function of Contact Engine is to sync the existing database (which already client has) with the Microsoft Dynamic 365 via Azure or direct plugins in Dynamics. On later phases, those syncing will be applied not only with Dynamic 365 but also with PEGA, Salesforce, Oracle etc.

When Customer or Work Order record Created/Updated in MS-CRM same record gets Created/Updated in Contact Engine.

Provides privileges to all users in both systems to achieve security level hierarchy at units.

  • It’s reliable and secure data transfer asynchronously.
  • Messages can be in XML, JSON or text format.
  • Service bus supports standard http/rest protocols.
  • Service bus supports standard http/rest protocols.
  • For authentication purpose, we need to create a service account for CE and provide permission in azure ad. So that CE can consume the service bus url.
  • Which is SAS token. (shared access signature).
  • This SAS token can be passed to CE for authenticate.
  • Also, service bus provides SDK for this authenticating.
  • Check whether data from both ends is synchronized or not.
  • Check performance of data integration to and from both systems.
  • BugTracker: Bitbucket.
  • Repository: Bitbucket/Git.
  • Project Management: Zira.
  • API Integration: .Net.

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