Reasons Behind the Growing Adoption of DevOps Technology

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Reasons Behind the Growing Adoption of DevOps Technology

One of the crucial decisions companies need to make in moving towards an automated delivery mechanism is choosing which cloud provider will become the future foundation. In the world of technology, DevOps has come a long way and organizations are heavily adopting this new-age technology for their digital transformation. Continuous deployment is what makes DevOps so special. Instead of releasing application updates every 1-6 months, DevOps teams now deploy small, incremental changes several times a day. Another notable advantage is the 50 percent lower fail rate on deployments.

Development and Operations together make for one of the most successful collaborations today. DevOps has transformed from a mere idea on paper to the way processes function in the face of an immediate requirement. The reality is that while the trend of integrating DevOps has become immensely popular, still it hasn’t necessarily gone deep. Professionals believe this is the year when large organizations start not just doing DevOps, but doing DevOps at scale.

Why are Organizations are Opting for DevOps-

  • A recent “State of DevOps” study, highlighted in Information Week, reported that companies with successful DevOps implementations are able to deploy code – new features and bug fixes – 30 times faster than before. Extending an ability to extend and replace the existing toolsets, DevOps lends a helping hand when it comes to sustaining future technologies. In a DevOps environment, the entire team is responsible for delivering both new features and stability.
  • DevOps paves the way to improve business agility by providing the much need atmosphere of mutual collaboration, communication, and integration across globally collocated teams in an IT organization. You don't have to wait for another team to fix the problem; instead, you can jump in and start solving it yourself.
  • It is built on the concept of automation and is designed to optimize productivity, prevent defects, and create consistency. DevOps reduces the implementation time of new services from months to minutes and increases the productivity of business and IT teams.

Key Takeaways-

To stay relevant, businesses need to constantly adopt to a rapidly changing market environment. DevOps offers flexibility to the developers in appropriately responding to users’ changing needs, which is essential in today’s digital society.

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