Knovva Academy

Febian Shah

Executive Vice President

  • Who they are and what is the role of person we are interviewing?

    Founded by impassioned educators, Knovva Academy transforms students into leaders with digital and experiential learning designed for the demands of the 21st century by using modern teaching methods and experiential programs combined with online courses for a unique and memorable learning experience. I’m Febian Shah, the Executive VP of Technology of Knovva Academy. My responsibility is to overseeing all technology-related operations within the company and ensuring full compliance with company standards and policies.

  • Why the need came of software outsourcing?

    As Knovva is a rapidly developing startup, we wanted to empower our development team at a short span of time and that is why we looked for outsourcing the project and CBNITS emerged as the most technically capable and cost-effective option for us. Without any hesitation we hired them and now they have become an integral part of the Knovva team.

  • How they found us?

    CBNITS was referred to me by one of their previous clients who was so impressed with their job. To taste their efficiency, I have handed them a small project initially and was highly-amazed with their quality of work and commitment. Then I decided to go for dedicated hiring. From day one, they proved their worth.

  • How the engagement started?

    The entire engagement process was really unique and useful. They have sent us the CVs of the engineers and arranged interview sessions with each and everyone who are going to be involved in our project and they promised, the entire development team was onboard in less than a week. I was highly impressed with their involvement and the research work they have done for our project.

  • What is the list of technologies they are working with us?

    In the UI respect, they are using React JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript. For UX, they are using PDF and web design. React Native has been used for mobile app.

  • For how long they have been working with us?

    CBNITS has been diligently working with us since October 2018, and never ever disappointed with us for a single second.

  • Why they are still with us in comparison to other vendors, what is the differentiating factor?

    In terms of work ethic, commitment and experienced developers, CBNITS is second to none. They respond to our queries at all hours and even on weekends. A competent, flexible and capable IT farm that always goes the extra mile for their clients. Would highly recommend them.

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