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Why Cloudera is the Finest Hadoop Distribution Platform

Cloudera is the best platforms for bringing data science, data warehouse data engineering, and operational database workloads together on a single integrated platform. Cloudera still has a tremendous market share as a Hadoop distribution platform. Since large enterprises are dependent on CDH, it in turn, speaks how well CDH is tested and if a bug arises how large would be the impact.

Commercial Hadoop Distributions are usually packaged with features designed to streamline the deployment of Hadoop while allowing users to build additional security, analytics, or data handling into their framework. Under Cloudera support you get help and suggestions from Cloudera Hadoop expert engineers in fine tuning your Hadoop platform, tools application etc.

The most valuable aspect to keep in mind while selecting a Hadoop distribution is whether you want an on-premises or cloud-based solution. If there is no room to compromise when it comes to maintaining complete control and ownership of your data, an on-site solution still theoretically offers the highest level of security. In this respect, Cloudera fits the bill properly. Cloudera Hadoop vendor has around 350+ paying customers including the US army, Allstate, and Monsanto. Cloudera occupies 53 percent of Hadoop market, followed by 11 percent by MapR, and 16 percent by Hortonworks. Cloudera’s customers value the marketable add-on tools such as-

Cloudera Manager:

It is the easiest way to administer Hadoop in any environment with advanced features like customized monitoring, robust troubleshooting and intelligent configuration default.


Navigator offers everything a business wants to keep sensitive data safe and secure while still meeting compliance requirements.


Cloudera Impala is an addition to tools available for querying big data and provides fast, interactive SQL queries directly on your Apache Hadoop data stored in HDFS or HBase.ach instance of Impala can receive, plan, and coordinate queries from Impala clients. Queries are distributed among Impala nodes, and these nodes then act as workers, executing parallel query fragments.

Cloudera provides top-notch performance and the lowest cost platform for using data to drive better business results. Cloudera platform has an impressive track record of bringing new open source into its platform like Apache HBase, Apache Parquet and Apache Spark that are eventually by the community at large. One of the first commercial Hadoop offerings and still the most popular, reportedly with more installations running than any of its competitors.

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