Why Java is the Leading App Development Language

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Why Java is the Leading App Development Language

In the year 2008, mobile apps first appeared, and since then they have grown to an extent where every mobile user now uses an array of apps in everyday routine. Mobile applications are termed as software which runs on smartphones, tablets, and other devices such as internet TV and home automation devices. The sector of mobile application development market is growing at a rapid pace because of several reasons such as:

  • Advancement in the telecom network technologies and mobile connectivity
  • Affordable mobile data cost
  • Lower price of the high-end smartphones and other devices such as tablets, iPods
  • Emergence of the top app development companies
  • New advertising mechanism for mobile platforms
  • The Growing Use of Java for App Development-

    Along with the expanding development of different types of apps, the app development language Java is getting higher preference. The popularity and phenomenal growth of Java as the preferred programming language for multiple platforms became possible thanks to its core features. Being an object-oriented programming language, Java can be run efficiently in a virtual machine that can do without a browser or in a browser window.Java is primarily ideal for Android app development, but can play a pivotal part especially when you are thinking about building cross platform apps.

    Compared to other programming languages, programming with Java is incredibly common for banking and fintech web applications because of its security features as Java apps include security at all levels and there is prevention of theft.

  • Advanced Authentication and Access Control-
  • Advanced Authentication and Access Control that allows incorporating a range of secure login mechanisms, along with creating the custom security policy and enforce a well-defined permission access policy to sensitive data. In simple words, “breaking into” your web application becomes not so easy and your internal data stays safe and sound.

  • Amazing User experience-
  • Most applications are acknowledged widely all over the world as they are user friendly and interesting.

  • Highly Useful-
  • Java is free, simple, object-oriented, distributed, supports multithreading and offers multimedia and network support.

  • Reusable Codes-
  • The companies could reuse the codes in emerging any other application on Java stage. The codes usage in the software design of any application could be reused by the companies in making any other application.

  • Multilingual Support-
  • Java has huge open source support, with many libraries and tools available to make developers life easier.

  • Various Industry Use-
  • Aside from Android apps, Java is used for webs apps, scientific apps, embedded space, server apps, games etc. Many top app development companies have used Java for apps like Blue-ray Disc Association, UltraMixer, NASA worldwind, ThinkFree cloud office etc.


    Java has matured in over the years, for last 20 years it has gain the reputation of a language which is very secure, relatively fast and robust and most importantly which made java famous is platform independent. Google has chosen Java as its Android app development language because of its performance, security, better memory management through automatic garbage collection.

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