Why ReactJS is Turning Out to be the Most Dominant Framework

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Why ReactJS is Turning Out to be the Most Dominant Framework

ReactJS development has been in the spotlight lately and is one of the highly used open-source JavaScript Library which aids in crafting spectacular web apps with least effort and coding. Developed and maintained by Facebook, ReactJS was introduced to the world in 2013. Global companies across various business domain such as IMDB, Fiverr, Instagram, PayTM, and many others are using this framework. ReactJS is on its way to become the most dominant framework in the coming years.

Why ReactJS is a Step Ahead from other Frameworks- Previously, AngularJS was hugely popular for developing single page web applications. With the arrival of ReactJS, the entire scenario has changed. Developers found their newly developed web pages rendered faster as React focuses on the features of individual components more. The fundamental difference between ReactJS and AngularJS is, React is JavaScript-based while ng2 is superset of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). JavaScript is a superior programming language to HTML, which makes React a priority when it comes simple, intensive and dependable programming.

A Full Information of ReactJS

Initial release 2013
Official site
Approx. size (KB) 100
Current version 16.6.3
Used by Facebook, Uber, PayTM
With more than 100,000 codes and 300 ready-made solutions for current problems, React makes it painless to create interactive Uis. Along with the flexibility to cover a larger number of use test cases, React has a vast tutorial base and a large community of developers who can provide solutions to problems faced by new, as well as experienced, developers.

The Future of ReactJS- ReactJS offers 10x benefit to the developers. Having the corporate backing from the social media giant Facebook, it is quite expected that it will remain stable in the future and continue to develop with long-term support. Its component-based approach gives developers more speed and flexibility when building complex applications. It is quite evident that there will be no dint in the popularity of ReactJS in the coming years.

A Developer’s Take on ReactJS- Predicting the future of programming languages and frameworks is really difficult. The fact is, as the user preferences shift, communities grow, and web platforms change, all the programming languages and frameworks will evolve. However, it can be assumed that React will not lose its market value anytime soon.

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